Mahalo Media Group’s design services provide visual solutions to your business problems.

Our design skills cover the spectrum from print to digital and everything in between.

For design to function effectively, it must align with your brand, clearly convey your message, and engage your target audience.

If your current design project can’t get off the ground due to lack of in-house resources or if your current design just isn’t working for your business, then our design experts can change that.

With years of design experience and familiarity with best practices, we help you overcome design challenges such as distinguishing your business from your competitors. And we do it while keeping your project on time and in budget.

How can we help you?

Mahalo Media Group’s Design Services Include:

Graphic Design

e.g. banner ads and signage.

Print Design

e.g. brochures and posters.

Visual Design

For websites and apps.

Logo Design

e.g. corporate identity.


e.g. motion graphics


What Problems Does Your Business Need to Solve?

The purpose of design is to communicate an idea or message visually. But you can’t get your idea across if your design is cluttered, confusing, or overly complicated. We can help you simplify your design to clarify your message for your target audience. Our design process includes:


Understanding your business goals, challenges, and target audience


Defining a design strategy, including the best ways in which to reach your audience


Translating your message to a visual design that appeals to your ideal client

Our award-winning designers, illustrators, and art directors—many of whom have had years of agency experience—have done work for such brands as Nike, MTV, Samsung, Unilever, and IBM. Our design work has appeared on clothing, at exhibits and tradeshows, and in national publications. Have a project in mind that needs dedicated creative talent? Tell us about it.