Project Description

Rusticscapes is a premier residential and commercial landscape design and maintenance firm. With more than 80 employees, including landscape architects and designers, Rusticscapes has been in business for nearly two decades, serving Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.

The company first launched their website in 2013. Without dedicated resources to keep their site up-to-date however, the design and content quickly fell behind.

The tabbed navigation and boxy layout of the original site gave it an outdated look that didn’t represent the contemporary landscape design that the company offered their clients. The original design lacked the professionalism and sophistication that distinguishes Rusticscapes from the competition.

At Mahalo Media Group, we offered Rusticscapes a modern web design to showcase their beautifully architected landscapes with an easy-to-maintain platform.

The original website was developed for them using Joomla!, a free open source content management system (CMS) similar to WordPress. While you don’t need to be a developer to maintain a Joomla! site, the platform isn’t known for being as user friendly as WordPress or for offering as many templates, extensions, and plugins as WordPress.

To make it easy for Rusticscapes to maintain their site going forward, we migrated from Joomla! to WordPress, which allowed us to design a one-page site that better suited their content.

Today, content updates to the site are easier for the company to make on their own with WordPress’ user friendly dashboard.

Another issue that Rusticscapes had with their previous site: it wasn’t mobile friendly. When the company launched their site years ago, responsive design was still considered optional rather than required.

With changes to mobile search and the proliferation of smartphones, responsive design is no longer an option—it’s a requirement. When we redesigned and developed the new site for Rusticscapes, we made sure that the design looked good on every screen size—from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

TIP: When working with an agency, make sure that responsive design is a standard part of the design service. At Mahalo Media Group, responsive design is never extra. We plan a mobile friendly site from the beginning and never charge you more for it.

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